Portland in Spirit. Heart of Salzburg.

Founder Drew Jongeward grew up in Portland, Oregon, USA on a small street called Fargo Circle. It showed him the power of imagination – to have a spirit of discovery and expression. It was in that forest and on that asphalt with his neighborhood gang that creativity became real. And a bit of that American optimism stuck with him that anything is possible. Today, that same spirit is packed into our Design studio in Salzburg, where we want to give it back.



As a small team, we’ve always liked being the small guy, flying under everyone’s radar. The underdog. The kid that nobody knew existed before beasting everyone. Okay, so we’re not beasting anyone, per say, but we want to make a good impression. We’ve never had a website, because, well frankly, we’ve never needed one. We’ve always been loaded with work, and now this is our attempt to let everyone know who’s living around the block from them.



We pride ourselves on thinking studious before designing adventurous. So the better we understand our clients and have a heart for their products, philosophy and the world around us, the further we can go. For us, relationship is the key to any good story. And we know the most compelling, eye-popping creations don’t come from the most innovative designers, but from the most creative clients. We want to put them first. Likewise, we hope they will value our ideas, our extra-effort and sometimes our long nights.

We want to pay generosity with generosity, patience with patience, respect with respect. It’s with that mindset that we enter every new project with every new client, and it spurs us on to, quite simply, go far.


Fargo Circle Studio