Bicycle tubes 1/2 the weight and 2x the strength of normal tubes – their product could stand out in a sea of black messy rubber, and we couldn’t pass up a chance to be co-creators of something truly great.

Together with our client, our goal was to highlight Tubolito as a premium product. A black tone-in-tone single-piece packaging concept envelopes every Tubolito tube, allowing the orange product to shine through like a spark in the dark. To support the brand, we concepted and shot a stand-alone image campaign to roll-out in various print and social platforms.


It was hot, and we were tired, but we got a personal tour of the Goiserner Home Trails on that day and captured some epic footage thanks to Flo and Shibby from Pancho Wheels. How lucky were we? Crazy lucky. After a day of Durum kebaps, wheelies, even a short downpour, we couldn’t be happier with the results.


Tubolito has given us a lot of freedom and there is a beautiful balance of trust from the beginning. From product packaging to image campaign, encompassing complete content creation, product photography and website, the best part is to see the success that it has had with both retailers and consumers worldwide.


Fargo Circle Studio