Here, we usher in a new era – not only concerning a first for content, but also with a new look for the Talent Management team identity. Based on Red Bull corporate colors and overall look, we extended everything into a linear, ultra-graphic approach inspired from vintage navigation and signage. Strong lines and oversized headlines create movement give each layout an info-graphic feel. Clear hierarchies are established through icons, patterns and strong content blocks.

Specially commissioned illustrations by Toby Leigh offer a more whimsical, anti-corporate tone, creating a lighter-hearted vibe with a fun vintage feel.

This guide to navigating and optimizing your journey at Red Bull is brought together in a premium noteboook/guidebook combo. The open-thread binding allows the book to be opened up flatter than normal making it easy to use. The blind and stamp-embossed cover on premium uncoated blue stock gives texture and a premium feel.